1011 NE Alberta St Portland, OR 97211
Monday through Thursday: 4 pm until 2 am • Friday: 2 pm until 2 am
Saturday & Sunday 12 pm until 2 am



$5 Hummus and Chips *

$4 Chips &Salsa *

$5 Edamame Bowl

$5 Pretzel Knots
Served with housemade cashew cheese sauce and mustard



Georgia Bowl $9 
Nutritional yeast breaded tofu, brown rice and collard greens. Add avocado for $1.

Eastern Bowl $9
Nutritional yeast breaded tofu, broccoli, and brown rice with a spicy ginger peanut sauce, topped with sesame seeds. Add avocado for $1.

BBQ Brussel Bowl $9
BBQ tofu, brussel sprouts and brown rice. Add avocado for $1.

Chili Pie $8
Chili, Fritos, onions, Tofutti sour cream, non-dairy cheese and nutritional yeast.

Cornmeal Breaded Tempeh Sandwich $9
Cornmeal breaded tempeh, remoulade, avocado, tomato, pickled onions, and arugula on a grand central ciabatta roll. Served with chips and salsa.*

BBQ Platter $9
BBQ tofu, black-eyed peas, collard greens, and toasted baguette. Add avocado for $1.

Spaghetti $8
Housemade marinara, veggie meatballs, almond parm, and fresh garlic bread.

Samurai Bowl $9
Nutritional yeast breaded tofu, carrot-cabbage slaw, brown rice, and spicy miso chile sauce, topped with roasted sesame seeds. Add avocado for $1.

Weeping Tiger Sandwich $8 
Tofu cutlets, lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado, jalapeño, Sriracha and miso mayo on Grand Central bread. Served with chips and salsa.*

Grilled Cheese $7
Non-dairy cheddar cheese on Grand Central bread. Served with chips and salsa and a pickle.* Add avocado and/or tomato for $1. Add onion or jalapeño for 50 cents.

Meatball Sub $8
Grand Central baguette with veggie meatballs, housemade marinara, oat cheese, and almond parm. Served with chips and salsa.*

*Sub a Side for $2


Pick 3 for $9

$3 Brown Rice

$4 Brussel Sprouts

$4 Broccoli

$4 Tofu

$3 Black-eyed Peas

$4 Collard Greens

$4 Chips and Salsa

$3 Miso Carrot-Cabbage Slaw

$3 Cup of Edamame / $5 Bowl

$3 Cup of Chili / $6 Bowl

$4 Cup of Chili / $6 Bowl



Served from 10pm ’til Close

$4 Chips & Salsa

$5 Chips and Hummus

$5 Pretzel Knots

$8 Chili Pie

$7 Grilled Cheese*

$8 Meatball Sub*

$8 Spaghetti

$7 Black-eyed Peas, Collard Greens, and Brown Rice

*Served with Chips & Salsa

*Sub a Side for $2


Lefty’s Prayer $8
House infused beet tequila, rosemary syrup, and fresh lime. Served up with a salted rim.

Three Liars $8
House infused cucumber gin, fresh lime and sugar. Served up.

Prize Fight $8
El Jimador tequila, lime, sage syrup and Mezcal. Served over ice.

Stockholm $8
House infused citrus vodka, fresh lemon and ginger beer in a pint.

Bye and Bye $8
Peach vodka and peach bourbon, lemon, cranberry juice, and soda in a mason jar.

Little Cottonwood $8
Earl grey vodka, lemon, sugar, and dandelion-burdock bitters. Served over ice.

Autumn Toddy $8
Rebel Yell bourbon, Allspice Dram, lemon, agave, orange and black walnut bitters.

Del Mar $9
Jimador, Campari, lime, grapefruit, and sugar in a pint.

Old Tom’s Flight $8
Pearl Pomegranate vodka, cranberry, fresh lime and a splash of grapefruit. Served up.

Del Mar $9
Hayman’s Old Tom gin, Crème de Violette, lemon, and soda. Served over ice.

North Williams $8
Rebel Yell bourbon and Blenheim’s spicy ginger beer in a pint.

Take it to the Limit $9
Sailor Jerry rum, lime, sugar, pineapple, and cherry bitters. Served up

My Father’s Son $9
Rye whiskey, Averna, and a dash of barrel aged bitters. Served up with cherry.

Champagne #4 $8
Champagne, Aperol, and cherry bitters.

Early American $8
Bourbon, Allspice Dram, lemon, and apple cider. Served over ice.



PBR $2

Sapporo $6

Pilsner Urquell $4

Uncle John’s Cider $5

Victoria $3.5

Negra Modelo $3.5

Bayern Pilsner $3.5

Amstel Light $3.5

Boont Amber $3.5

Spaten $3.5

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale $3.5

Miller High Life $2

Black Butte Porter $3.5

Terminal Gravity IPA $3.5

Sam Smith Nut Brown Ale $4.5

Anchor Porter $3.5

Estrella (gluten-free) $3.5

Sam Smith Oatmeal Stout $4.5

Sam Smith Organic Apple Cider $6

Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout $3.5

Affligem Blond $5

St Bernardus Abt 12 $6

Duchess $6

Duvel $6

Non Alcoholic Buckler NA Beer $3

Blenheim’s Ginger Beer Soda $3

Cock ‘n’ Bull Ginger Beer Soda $3

Pop Shoppe Root Beer Soda $3

Pop Shoppe Pineapple Soda $3


4pm ’til 7pm Every Day

$1 off entrees*

$1 off select draft beers

$1 off house red and house white wine

$1 off well cocktails

Edamame Bowl for $4

Chips and Salsa for $2

Chips and Hummus for $3


Photo Credits: Dylan T Long • Absolute Images

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